Tips While Buying Diamond Jewelry – Diamond Clarity

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Tips While Buying Diamond Jewelry – Diamond Clarity

With naked eyes, diamonds with low clarity will look just the same as the flawless ones yet they will be priced at a much lower price compared to a crystal clear diamond. But many vendors feel uneasy disclosing the prices of both and would often want to charge you the same with high clarity diamonds. When diamond is mined, it contains imperfections, a number of inclusions and surface blemishes.

Therefore, diamond clarity is a measure of its visual appearance. If a diamond has few blemishes or inclusions, its clarity grade becomes high. A diamond’s clarity can significantly affect its value. One needs a device to check for imperfections as some are invisible to the naked eye. Here is what Brilliant Earth shop wants you to know about diamond clarity each time you are buying diamond engagement rings.

  1. Factors affecting diamond clarity

It is upon taking diamond clarity factors into consideration that the stone’s grades are assigned. Factors that often affect diamond clarity comprise of the amount of inclusion in a piece, the size of the inclusion, the color, position and the nature of the inclusion in the priceless stone. All these factors are examined so as to come up with the appropriate grades for each stone.

  1. Size of the inclusion

When buying your jewel, it is important to note that if the intrusion is large, then the bigger the impact that this inclusion will have on the grade of the diamond. It will be graded low and thus will cost less.

  1. The nature of the inclusion

The nature of inclusion is the same as the type of the said inclusion in the piece of diamond. It also encompasses both the depth and other characteristics of the inclusion. Blemishes are those inclusions that are yet to penetrate the diamond, and are only on the surface. You you’d often call them blemishes instead of inclusions. They also define the grade and price of the stone.

  1. Number of intrusions

The number of intrusion is critical as a piece with many inclusions will often lower the diamond grade, thus should as well be sold at a much lesser amount. Normally these intrusions have various clarity characteristics.

  1. Location

Inclusions that are situated near the center of the table its clarity grade then becomes even lower. Those found near the girdle are difficult to be seen and those close to the diamond’s pavilion often reflect, making the facets act as mirrors to reflect the inclusion. The position of inclusion often influences the price of diamond. Research wide and know what the piece of diamond should cost you, as by this, you will avoid getting duped by unscrupulous sellers.

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