What to Spend and How to Save On a Diamond Ring

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What to Spend and How to Save On a Diamond Ring

It is a question that to date has never gotten a definite answer, how much should one spend on a diamond engagement ring? A study suggests that the average size of a diamond ring which is used during engagement is usually about 0.9 to 1.0 carats which costs an average of 5 to $7,000. On the other hand, other people suggest that one needs to spend two, or perhaps three-month salary to purchase an engagement ring.

While a three-month salary can let you acquire a nice diamond ring, you need to remember that these stones are neither an investment nor a necessity, you only purchase one if you can afford it. Actually, DeBeers is a diamond company and suggest that one should spend as much as they can on this priciest jewelry but does not set a fixed cost. A person who knows what they are doing won’t give room for unnecessary debts and a state of financial recklessness in their marriage in the name of buying a one-time piece of stone.

People have a myriad of expectations and rules when it comes to buying these stones. Purchasing one, on the other hand, can be both daunting and overwhelming as the industry has already created an illusion that buying such a bling is a complicated process that is sure to raise one’s class and status. However, a wise person never lacks handy tips on how to save cost on a diamond engagement ring. Use these hacks today and you will be sure to save big time on your purchase.

  1. Know about the 4C’s

The term 4C’s frequently appears whenever you are researching on diamond jewels. It stands for the diamond’s color, cut, carat, and clarity. Diamond color grading scale starts from D to Z. D scale is almost colorless and is the most expensive, while Z seems yellowish and least expensive. Choose a value between D and Z that won’t hurt your pocket, say F or even H.

  1. Consider the Diamond Cut

Put more emphasis on the cut of your jewel as this impacts the quality of your diamond. You can’t compare the prices of modern cuts like the round brilliant-cut and princess-cut to antique diamonds like rose-cut and old mine-cut. In many shops such as Brilliant Earth jewelry shop or example, vintage diamond is cheaper than the modern diamond. The labor cost required when cutting an ancient diamond is low when compared to the modern diamond cuttings. Cutting of modern diamond is done in factories using laser precision tools and thus sold expensively. On the other hand, vintage rings have been in existence for long, and the labor cost is normally forgone. If you want to buy a real diamond without breaking your pocket, you need to consider vintage.

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