3 Killer Tips While Buying Diamond Jewelry Online

Websites and online stores offer convenience, however, buying diamond jewelry online can be challenging! Here are 3 killer tips everyone should know! Today, you can buy just about anything online. Even some things that seem best suited for a physical store have crossed over into the digital world and diamonds are no exception. We can [...]

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Tips While Buying Diamond Jewelry – Diamond Clarity

With naked eyes, diamonds with low clarity will look just the same as the flawless ones yet they will be priced at a much lower price compared to a crystal clear diamond. But many vendors feel uneasy disclosing the prices of both and would often want to charge you the same with high clarity diamonds. [...]

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What to Spend and How to Save On a Diamond Ring

It is a question that to date has never gotten a definite answer, how much should one spend on a diamond engagement ring? A study suggests that the average size of a diamond ring which is used during engagement is usually about 0.9 to 1.0 carats which costs an average of 5 to $7,000. On [...]

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